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 I Had The Chance To Go

By Jay Lambs Remy

-Jays honorable mentions-

Bar Bleu events hosted by Chris Amez are always iconic. Past ones, such as DC Vs Marvel Body Paint Contest and Tim Burton Night, to name a couple, are just epic examples of events that he puts on. I highly recommend Chris.

Inspire Productions Events are always great family friendly festivals with great music food drinks and vendors. It was iconic to perform at the Heritage Amphitheater when they put on Truck or Treat, in which we performed as the project, Bad Hatter in Wonderland. They also have the Taco Tequila Margarita Festival coming up and many more. Always a good time with Inspire Productions are highly recommended

-At the Events With Jay-

Thursty Thursday's At BFE Rock Club is the spot for Hip Hop and R&B exposure. I endorse the events held by YTR as they offer a lot of great opportunities for musicians of these music genres

Sinner's Sunday, On November 19th at the Acadia Bar was a great opportunity to see some great professional music performers such as Alex Knight, who has an Eric Clapton level of sound and dedication. I truly love his song

"Jungle fever." I also like Tysha Serenity, who has a Lauren Hill type of sound styling, which is extremely fitting with her amazing voice. And there's Antonio Eye, who's sound is like Prince, but with a touch of Jimi Hendrix, with accompanied vocals by Liz Vaughn, who's powerful singing voice with incredible range and soul. Bad Hatter In Wonderland brings a sound styling different then most with a blend of EDM Rock Metal and more, featuring bands such as Korn, Manson, Slipknot, Linkin Park, and Rob Zombie, to name a couple that are mixed into the music this group. They can be compared to something you would expect at EDC or a Skrillex show. The have more dynamics and a theme as the music set is the fusion of two music projects featuring Amanda Marie Remy's "In Wonderland" and Jay Lambs Remy's "Bad Hatter". In Wonderland started the set with singing from Amanda, as we did some remixes and covers of Lady Gaga and Imagine Dragons. Then the bad Hatter remixed Metallica and brought on one of Houston's most elite freestyle hip hop artists, Carlos Corleone to add some new style fire to the "badtallica remix"

Make sure to buy albums out now that are featured on Royal Prodigy Records, such as Antonio Eye's "Muse Of Influence", In Wonderland's "The Magic" and Bad Hatter's "The Madness", available at https://www.facebook.com/royalprodigyrecords/shop

I had the chance to attend a great event put on by John and the American Tattoo Company at the BFE Rock Club on November 25th with bands such as Reckless High, a multi genre influenced band that sounds absolutely awesome, similar to Saliva. I really enjoyed their set. Shout off to their lead singer, Solo, who is very down to earth and loves to connect to the fans.

Seven To Emote laid down some heavy tracks with some powerful grooves, including melodic keyboards and intricate drum work and singing with the badass heavy metal vocal styling we all love here at the BFE Rock Club. Hold on Hollywood, one of Houston's favorites, rocked an incredible set with focused guitar riffs, and spot on drumming. They really have a great all around sound.

If you get a chance check them out.

Parabellum brought a performance I truly appreciate even more so than Evanescence live. They are truly one of Houston's premier bands. I highly recommend you see them perform as soon as possible. Make sure to say hi to the bassist, Manny. He truly is a great soul. January 13th, check out their new CD release. It's going to be a great album!

Flaw, a legendary band with aggression and power, tore up the stage with their performance, pulling the audience closer and closer with each song with incredibly solid drumming. I'm very happy to see this great band here in Houston, the city with the most heart. Seven Stella and I both agree that they have a sound similar to Stained and Slipknot. We loved it. Make sure to see them anytime you hear the name, Flaw. They are great. This event also had awesome tacos and tamales vended by the phenomenal Juan Ramirez

-Jays Upcoming Recommend Shows-

December 17th at Docs Bar will be a iconic event and we will be there to support Spencer from the BFE Rock Club as he plays with his legendary band Appetite for Distraction, a Guns N' Roses tribute, along with Hold On Hollywood. They will be bringing you sounds of awesomeness to stuff your ear stockings with as their music stylings reach your jolly souls this holiday season.

DosomethingAwesome.org will be holding their annual fundraiser and give away at Rudyards Dec. 17th @ 5pm. They have music, art, and tons of fun activities planned for the evening. DSA is raising money for kids and families in our community that can use a little help. We sponsor these kids and help them get the tools they need to do something awesome for themselves. It a great time and a great opportunity to meet others that are on the same mission of spreading "stoke" to all within earshot. Burgers and fries will be provided by Punk Rock Stacy, Myconsumer IT, and our friends in Street Plant Street Scoundrels Houston. Music will be performed by the amazing Doug Kosmo and your resident Smash Rap hooligans. Trukstop Assassins, professional comic book artist, Mostafa Moussa of @Mostafaink will be in attendance drawing some amazing things for our guests. If you are not able to attend, but would like to donate, follow the link to www.dosomthingawesome.org and click the DONATE button at the top of the page. Anything helps and is more than appreciated. Donations and silent auction items will be available By Mike Vallely and the artist @crabscrambly @greghigginsart @mike_aches, Alex Lozano of United Music Alliance, deadhorsehorsecore.net, Mostafaink.com streetplantbrand.com, Myconsumerit.com, and flyingsquidtattoo.com/

December 23rd at Acadia Live, make sure to come see the Joshua project, Process of illumination, and the epic band, Surrender Stella truly one of my favorite bands. Check out their website at http://www.reverbnation.com/surrenderstella

Be sure to check out the track "never alone" it's iconic!!!

Also see them in future TV episodes of The Heart of Houston, brought to you by The City Of Houston with your host Jay Lambs Remy Coming Soon Stay Tuned!!

-Behind the scenes with Jay-

I spoke with Brooke Ashley To hear about her inspirational story. On Dec. 26, 2012 Brooke Ashley was in a very bad car wreck and wasn't supposed to make it! She had 2% chance to live and was on life support! She had a brain injury, but nothing would stop her! When she got out hospital she found out her friends that where in her car with her were dead (shout out John Torres and Tearsten Casanova!!). It was time to take her music career to the next level since she lived!! It's time to become the music legend she expressed to be and she wants to leave her mark in the world, because God left her here alive to do so! She dropped her first single March 2016, "Stay Up Out My Lane!!" It's on Sound Cloud with an EP called "Bounce Back" from BAE!!, Brooke Ashley Entertainment!! With this lucky chance of life, nothing can stop BAE now. She will achieve her goals. Please check out her website at Www.brookeashley.party

I spoke with Rob V about his EP, DTYLA.

For more info on him check out his link, http://www.robvmusic.com.

Be sure to listen to the song "Right Now" featuring Foreign, that features R&B with Hip Hop influences, bringing a feel good radio sound that has the club appeal. There's also songs on the EP called "Dtyla," "Sex," and "So Easy." He performed at Plae in Houston on November 25th with a phenomenal performance. Check him out on Texas 101 jams Dec 11th

I spoke with Trent Reznor Of Nine Inch Nails about their upcoming show here in Houston this December 15th -17th at the Day for Night Festival. He expressed that they are happy to come to the Space City to perform. We spoke a little bit about old synthesizers loopers beat machines as Trent and I are both of high mastery and pioneers of these methods, as such used during the album "Pretty Hate Machine," as well as my own "The Old Testament" album. If you have yet to see Nine Inch Nails, I suggest you see them at the festival. They are one of my personal favorites and one of the most influential music projects that impacted my stylings of music through out my life. It was a great honor to help promote a band I always wanted to help in some way as I have done so with so many other projects. Here's the Facebook link to the event for more info on the festival https://www.facebook.com/events/474727649575902/?ti=icl. Come out and support NIN it will be a legendary show

This month "Icons of Badassery" would like to honor James Franklin McIngvale, also known as Mattress Mack. This great Individual has been helping people of the Houston greater area in so many ways. During Hurricane Harvey he opened up his store to become a shelter for people affected by the storm. On Thanksgiving he served thousands of pounds of free food to people of Houston to bring the community even closer together and grow stronger. It is great to have such a helpful heart here in Houston Texas. It is with great honor to entitle James Franklin McIngvale, AKA Mattress Mack, An Icon of Badassery! Thank you very much for all of your hard work

Serving Houston, Tx and the surrounding areas.

Music News covers all kinds of music from Rock to Country and Alternative to R&B..